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Accessibility Plan 2020-2023

Addendum Complaints Policy and Procedure COVID19 January 2020

Admission Policy 2021-2022

Annex: Behaviour Policy September 2020

Annex: Exclusions Policy September 2020

Annex: Physical Intervention Policy September 2020

Annex: Supplemental Exclusion Policy during the full reopening of schools September 2020

Annex: Supplemental Safeguarding and Child Protection arrangements during COVID-19 January 2022


Behaviour Policy 2021

Breakfast Club Policy 2020-2021

Breakfast Club Complaints Policy 2020-2021

British Values Statement 2019-2022

CCTV Policy 2020-2022

Charging and Remissions Policy 2020-2021

Complaint Form 2019-2022

Complaints Policy and Procedures 2019-2022

Complaints Quick Guide 2019-2022

Computing and Online Safety Policy 2021-2022

Conflicts Of Interest Policy September 2020

Curriculum Information

Early Help Offer 2020-2021

Equal Opportunities Policy 2020-2021

Equality Duty Information Report and Objectives

Equality statement 2020-2021

Exclusions Policy 2018-2021

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2021-2022

Feedback Policy 2021-2022

Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme 2022-2025

GDPR Data Breach Policy and Process 2020-2023

GDPR Data Protection Strategy 2020-2023

Health & Safety Policy 2021-2024

Home-School Agreement

Keep Me Safe

Looked After Child Policy 2019-2021

Medication and Management Policy 2020-2021

Online Safety Policy 2022

DSAT Online Safety Roles and Responsibilities

Persistent & Vexacious Behaviour Policy

Prevent Policy 2020-2021

Pupil Premium Policy 2020-2021

Phonics Policy 2020-2021

Physical Intervention Policy 2019-2021

Reading Policy 2021-2022

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2021-2024

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021-2022

Safeguarding Statement 2020-2021

SEND & Inclusion Policy 2019-21

SEND Information Report 2020

SEND Local Offer Advice

Social Media Policy 2019-2022

Volunteers and Visitors Policy 2018-2020

Whistleblowing Policy 2021-2024