Places in foundation available now!

There are places available NOW and next year in our fabulous Foundation 1 (Nursery) and Foundation 2 (full-time school). Please view the video below for a guided tour of our Foundation Stage classes, led by the wonderful Mrs McAtee and Miss Higgs.

Please share our details with family, friends and neighbours who have children eligible to start school.

For more information or to make an application, please contact the school office on 0116 2858130.

Admissions Flyer

Please see the admissions flyer below for more information on admissions August 2021:

 BCPS – Flyer v6.1

BCPS – Admissions arrangements 2021-22

BCPS – Admission Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2023/2024

Changes to National Schools Admission Code, September 21

In line with the changes and additions to the National Schools Admission Code, September 21, our admissions arrangements for Sept 22/23 and onwards follow and comply with these changes.

Admissions for Entry into School 2022/23

1.1 Braunstone Community Primary School is a 4-11yrs primary School in Braunstone providing state funded education.

1.2 Braunstone Community Primary School is a member of the Discovery Schools Academy Trust

1.3 The purpose of this policy is to ensure that places at the school are allocated and offered in a transparent and fair manner.

1.4 The school admits 60 pupils per year group. This is known as the Published Admission Number (PAN).

1.5 The usual point of entry for the school is reception from the start of the autumn term.

1.6 Braunstone Community Primary School have a Nursery on the school site. Parents who have obtained a place at the Nursery will still need to make an online application through Leicester City Council. There is no automatic transfer or priority given to a child who attend the nursery.

1.7 The admissions, waiting lists and appeals for Braunstone Community Primary School are coordinated and administered by the Local Authority.

2.1 Children are offered a school place from four years of age, the autumn term following their fourth birthday. However, statutory school age is from the first term following their fifth birthday;

This means that;

    • A child turning 5yrs in the autumn term must start school no later than the start of the Spring term.
    • A child turning 5yrs in the spring term must start school no later than the start of the Summer term.
    • A child turning 5yrs in the summer term must start school no later than the start of the Autumn term. Please see section 4.1 for further information

3.1 The school participates with the Local Authority’s First Time Admission Coordinated scheme. This means parents must apply to the Local Authority where they live using the Common Application Form.

3.2 Parents need to apply for a school place online. To apply online or speak to the admission service at your Local Authority, please use the contact details below:

 Leicester City Council – Admissions

School Admission Service – 0116 454 1009-option 1 or Email

3.3 Applications must be made by 15 January when your child is due to start Primary school in reception for the first time

3.4 Everyone will receive their offer by email on National Offer day of 16 April (or the next working day if this falls on a weekend or bank holiday) and / or an offer letter posted by second class post on National Offer Day

4.1 A child’s parent can defer the date of their child’s admittance in to school until later in the school year, but not beyond the point at which they reach compulsory school age and not beyond the beginning of the final term of the school year which it was made for. Please see section 4.5 for Summer born children.

4.2 Where a parent wishes, a child may attend part time until later in the school year but not beyond the point at which they reach compulsory school age. The place at the school will be held open for the child and not made available to another child until the end of the academic year the place was applied for.

4.3 Places cannot be deferred beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, nor beyond the academic year in which the offer was made.

4.4 Parents should note that if they apply for a place they will need to take it up by the beginning of summer term even if their child is not 5 years old by that date or parents will need to submit a fresh application for the following year for entry into year one.

4.5 Parents may seek a place for their child outside of their normal age group either because they are a Summer Born child or for another reason.

4.6 Children born from the beginning of April to the end of August reach compulsory school age on 31 August and are recognised as Summer Born children. Parents can request that a first-time admission Summer Born child starts a reception place one year later than their normal year group. It is likely that most requests for children to be admitted out of their normal year group will come from parents of children born in the later summer months or those born prematurely.

4.7 Parents should notify the schools they are interested in applying for and the local authority as soon as possible if they wish their child to enter a year outside of their normal age group. The Local Authority will forward a copy of the procedure to the parents.

4.8 In the case of first time admission Summer Born children, parents will still need to apply at the usual time based on the correct chronological year but should make it clear that they wish to apply for a reception place a year later than the year into which the child could have been admitted.

4.9 For details on the process involved and to notify the Local Authority of your wish for your child to enter a year outside of their normal age group please contact them directly using the contact details shown below under section 3.2.

To view the Under Oversubscription Criteria please view the below document:

 School Admission 2018 Onwards: Exceeding the Admission Number (AN)

Further Information

We hold Open Day and evening events at school each year, some just for parents and some with your children, and once you have been confirmed a place (usually April/May), we work closely with the pre schools, playgroups and nurseries in the local area to learn more about your child to enable them to get the best start possible to our school.

To contact the school please phone 0116 285 8130 or email us on